I’m Just Going to Say It: This “Pooh Sized” Stuff Is Bullshit

Read our apology letter to Jezebel here.

I posted about “Pooh Sized” Disney World guests the other day, and I did it very cautiously. I didn’t want to offend heavy people, and I still don’t. But now that I think about it, my distaste for the word “pooh sized” and my shock over the immense number of obese people in Disney World is a fact that I shouldn’t be ashamed in admitting.

Listen, I love it when people celebrate their bodies and all that. But there is nothing cute about being morbidly obese. I am so glad that Disney accommodates people who are overweight (some parks don’t.) I want everyone to be able to ride Space Mountain and The Haunted Mansion. But let’s call it what it is. If you’re 5’5″ and weigh 200 pounds, you are obese. You might have high blood pressure or cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, respiratory problems, gout, reproductive complications, bladder control issues, or psychological disorders or other serious conditions. That’s not cute, it’s scary.

Does anyone remember in George Orwell’s Doublespeak in 1984? It’s the same thing. Calling forced-labor camp “joycamp” or saying a company is “downsizing” instead of firing.

Oprah, sticking to the Disney-theme, once told 300+ pound Precious Academy Award nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe, “When we look at you, we see a true, American Cinderella who’s on the threshold of a brilliant new career.”  Howard Stern later disagreed, claiming “Oprah should’ve said, ‘you need to get help, we don’t want to lose you.’”

Which brings up a good point. Saying “You need to get help” or “You need to lose weight” isn’t necessarily insulting. Someone who says that isn’t saying you’re ugly or lazy or a bad person. They are expressing concern. Of course, this has to be done sensitively–it would be the same for someone who is morbidly thin. Sensitvely and seriously. Because it’s a serious thing. If you aren’t healthy, you’re sick, and you could live a short life. Mickey Mouse would not want that.

I like what Jenzebelle said on the DISTroublemakers blog:

I’m overweight and I do not refer to myself in any cutesy way. I’m not pooh sized. I’m not fluffy. I’m overweight/fat/whatever. I also don’t really feel the need to refer to myself in terms of my weight. People who see me know I’m overweight (and getting smaller slowly but surely) – it’s not like I can hide it. Plus there is so much more to me than my size. 

Her post was followed by readers saying, ” You are not fat you are POOH sized!!!”, forcing her to be included in this “Pooh-sized” club she doesn’t want to join. She never once said others needed to call themselves fat, she just said she personally does not choose to call herself “Pooh-sized.” And that really is the point, isn’t it? That everyone should be able to refer to themselves however they want. I guess even I need to learn that. It is none of my business, either. I am such a hypocrite.

But I do see too many overweight adults and children when I go to Disney World–people so overweight they are unable to walk from ride to ride. I really wish those people could just walk and enjoy the parks comfortable and carefree. Some people really need scooters or wheelchairs for legitimate reasons. But I hope that I’m never in the position that I need one because I’ve gained so much weight I am unable to carry myself.

At the same time I’m saying this, Creepy Miranda did artwork of obese princesses, and I think they are gorgeous. I love these princesses. I think they are good people. I want to be friends with them. I think they’re gorgeous. I want them to have happy lives. But if they were real, I would worry about their health.

What do you think, are you down with the word “Pooh sized”?

In case you are worried about being able to fit on some of the rides, watch this video. The music in the background actually makes it hilarious.

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17 responses to “I’m Just Going to Say It: This “Pooh Sized” Stuff Is Bullshit

  1. you are not being an asshole. i think you went into my brain and just said what i have always wanted to say. basically.

    it’s all about willpower, and some people just don’t have that. when i was there a couple weeks ago there were teenagers (with no problem) riding those motorized scooters and i was furious. they were healthy and fine. just because you have a blister on the bottom of your foot at epcot does not mean go rent a scooter.

    *I* didn’t rent a damn scooter!

    pooh sized is stupid. it’s because people in america want to be politically correct and not offend. shit. i will offend anyone (but in a nice way). i would never call someone pooh sized… i would actually be offended if someone said that to me (i’m not, but i used to be).

  2. trysatori

    As an overweight, but extremely active person, I HATE being called pooh-sized. I made myself this way, no one else. We have become a country of fat people and now expect everyone to cater to us. Well, that just isn’t the way it should be. Overweight people are not the “norm” nor should they be. I really get disgusted by the amount of people on scooters at Disney World who are just too overweight to be able to walk all day long. Because they have utilized all of the scooters, the people that really need them have to be pushed by their loved ones in a wheelchair, and that just isn’t fair.

    Don’t ever be sorry for voicing your opinion about what everyone is thinking anyway. Well, except for those pooh-sized morons.

  3. Rico

    I think that it’s not only a slippery slope to celebrate obesity, but it’s also somewhat degrading to label a person based on their size using a fluffy-child-like name. I don’t think there can be any offense found in calling someone “big” or “heavy”, just as there is no shame in calling someone “small” or “thin”. These are descriptors, and while these words carry no judgement, they also carry no praise.

    Just my thoughts…

  4. Wendy

    Just a clarification. I regularly post on the “DIStroublemakersclub” forum. (we call it the UnDIS)

    You misinterpreted the posts following Jenzabelle’s. No one was” forcing her to be included in this “Pooh-sized” club she doesn’t want to join” The post immediately following hers was a copied and pasted response from another website– posted to show how messed up some people see it. It wasn’t a response to Jenzabelles comments.

    The truth is, the people on the UNDIS (troublemakers club) are almost totally in agreement that the term Pooh-sized is a ridiculous way to appease people who want to feel better about being obese.

    Just didn’t want our comments to be misconstrued.

    Interesting blog, great article LOL

    ~poohandwendy (from UnDIS)

  5. Clearly differences of opinion on this topic are not handled very well. While I understand the delicate nature of it, I can’t believe that there is no room for discussion. I agree with my daughter – obesity is unhealthy. We all have unhealthy things in our lives and attempting to shout down anyone who points them out is just a sign of insecurity.

  6. TedB

    Adult Disney fans are typically mentally ill child predators. I can tell that just by looking at you, just like you can tell an overweight person has that litany of health problems. Frankly, I’d rather be fat than a pathetic middle-aged Mickey fetishist.

    • sambycat

      it seems you already have pathetic in the bag sir

    • Nikki

      wow! That is completely uncalled for.

      • FaySake

        How can people watch themselves blowing up like balloons? They weren’t born that way and any excuses about their weight not being their fault are illogical and disprovable by science; you cannot make something out of nothing, e.g. 1gm of food cannot become even 1.5gms of body weight.
        Obesity is more likely the result of a form of mental illness.

  7. DL

    A couple of things:

    1. http://jezebel.com/5815206/disney-fatphobia–the-pooh-sized-debate

    2. http://kateharding.net/faq/but-dont-you-realize-fat-is-unhealthy/

    They say it much better than I can. Concerntroll, indeed. If you hate fat people, just say it. Don’t try to mask your hatred of fat people with fake concern. Really.

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  9. Allison

    To assume that heavy people have health issues is straight-up ignorant. You can have whatever opinions you’d like, but please — get your facts straight. Also, feigning concern for “morbidly obese” people isn’t “cute” either — if you dislike fatties, just say so. It’s okay — we dislike you, too.

    • Nikki

      Yes, most overweight people do have health issues. Not sure what rock you are under but having that much excess weight on your body is going to affect something, whether it be your heart, lungs, intestines, knees or ankles.

  10. You should know – we don’t scare that easy. Trying to bully us into shutting up never works…I think a few people need a couple of anger management classes….

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  12. Nikki

    There is always room for discussion but the fact is the obese and over weight group don’t want to hear that they are in fact dying and need help because then they would have to put down the knife and fork and step away from the plate. They would have to get up off their asses and acknowledge that they have a problem and need t work at it.
    The part that bothers me more is that they don’t see how their weight affects rides. Look at Forbidden Journey at Universal for example. The “pooh” crowd was and still is in an uproar because JK and Universal made a ride they can not get on if they carry weight in the stomach. So are others supposed to be denied an amazing ride because you can’t get up and walk a mile a day and up your protein and I don’t know, crazy me shut your pie hole? No one is bullying anyone, whats going on here is that people don’t ant to take responsibility for their actions. You over eat, you don’t exercise- you become obese. Most of those health issues don’t come up overnight!

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