Too Fat To Ride

This isn’t new news, but it is crazy news. From

In the original Anaheim Disneyland it may be a Small World after all, but that world’s inhabitants are getting bigger and heavier almost by the day, so much so that some of the rides may have to be re-engineered. The problem, quite simply, is that the flume that the boats ride in, and the boats themselves, were designed and built in 1963 on the assumption that the male adult riders would average 175 pounds and the women about 135, which they pretty much did at the time. The ride now must accommodate adults who frequently weigh north of 200 pounds, which it often cannot do. Increasingly, overweighted boats get to certain points in the ride and bottom out, becoming stuck in the flume.

So when the ride opens, the flume will be deeper, making the boats more buoyant, allowing for several hundred more pounds of capacity. Small World’s not the only ride that gets clogged up by overloaded cars. Pinocchio, Alice In Wonderland and Pirates of The Caribbean rides might be next.

Disney denies the obesity connection, but it doesn’t take a genius to realize that a heavier boat would cause problems. And we Disney-goers are getting heavier. Heavier people have even made it cutesie, calling themselves Pooh-Sized.

From what I can tell, all Disney World rides are pretty accommodating to heavy people. I think the biggest problem is in tiny turnstiles or narrow lines.

I’m curious—do we have any Pooh-Sized readers? What do you think of the term?

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4 responses to “Too Fat To Ride

  1. Nikki

    I HATE the term Pooh Sized! You’re not a bear that eats honey you are a person who is either over weight or working to get off the weight. Pooh sized is just a way for fat people (who love Disney) to feel better about themselves.

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