Are There Really Penises and Boners In The Little Mermaid?

Look, a penis castle!

We’ve alllllll heard the rumor that there is a big penis in the Little Mermaid movie poster. I mean, it’s not really a rumor. It is a penis. Right? And the priest in the scene where Prince Eric is marrying Ursula–he has a boner, right?

According to, Disney artists have been sneaking stuff onto the screen for awhile. Disney didn’t used to like to share creative credit with anyone, except an occasional shout out to Ub Iwerks, but he probably just did that because that name is one awesome name. So in the 40′s, some of the artists began placing their own names into Disney shorts. (Like in Goofy sport shorts, the players are named after the artists.)

And then things got sexy. It’s rumored one artist made a picture of a Snow White and the Seven Dwarves orgy. Many of the animators became known for drawing pictures of young, naked women in the studio.

Ursula is pissed.

And anyone who has taken a good look at the Little Mermaid movie poster (and has any idea what a penis looks like even kind of) is pretty sure that an artist did a poor job “sneaking” it into his artwork. There is no sneaking here, it’s just there. And those people are right. It’s been said that a disgruntled worker drew the penis in before he was about to be fired, but that isn’t true. He was a popular artist, and he did intend to make the castle look like a penis, but when he finished he realized it was wayyyy too obvious-looking. But it was too late. He pointed it out to production and nobody cared. So they went with it. And look what we have now.

The boner thing is bullshit, though. If you think the priest has a boner you probably just hate Catholic people or are sexually repressed.

Case closed, guys. Penis castle, yes. Priest boner, no. What’s up next?

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3 responses to “Are There Really Penises and Boners In The Little Mermaid?

  1. justacollegelife

    That just made my day LOL

  2. Rico

    Obsessed. Can we also address the snuck-in sexuality in Aladdin?

  3. Gary Ficun III

    Dont forget the girl getting her pussy eaten in the background of Lilo & Stitch.

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