This Video Made Me Lose My Shit

A bunch of my friends came over for dinner last night. In between lots of wine and Korean food and hookah smoking, one of them asked if I had heard of the One Man Disney Movie. I hadn’t. We gathered around my computer to watch, and my heart immediately started racing. At first, the tears stayed on my eyelids, but by the end I was full-out crying and Evelyn had to bring me a tissue. I almost thought I was going to have to leave the room. I wonder how people like Justin Bieber or Katy Perry can be wildly famous but Nick Pitera is not—he is way more talented. This video is smart and hilarious and beautiful and packed with emotion and almost unbelievable.

My boyfriend was sitting with me in a chair. “I know this guy is gay,” I said to everyone, “and Justin, please cover your ears. But I want to bone this guy.”

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3 responses to “This Video Made Me Lose My Shit

  1. You also said, “Justin, if you could do this, I would break up with you.” :)

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